How to install NodeJS and use NVM for your node versioning with sailsjs framework for no reason at all

                     NodeJS (

1.) Always Use NVM for using the right version of node installation

$ curl | bash
$ wget -qO- | bash

Usage of nvm for showing the list of remote and local node installation available

$ nvm list-remote
$ nvm install 0.12.0
$ nvm list

2.) Install node manually
$ wget
$ tar -xvzf node-v0.12.0.tar.gz
$ cd node-v0.12.0/
$ sudo yum groups install “C Development Tools and Libraries”

$ ./configure
$ sudo make install

Verify Installation:

$ node –version
$ npm –version
3.) Setup Sails.js framework on node

Since evryting works on node use nvm to source the installed node version for this sails project
$ nvm current
$ nvm ls
$ nvm use v0.12.0
$ npm -g install sails

$ sails –version

4.) Start the server
$ sails new ships
$ cd ships
$ sails lift

SailsJs frameworks and simplified management app has made the web development overly simple. The nvm system is more linux centric but I am sure there is something like which does the trick I suppose.

5.) Lets add some web API to the project. Adding more to Sails code
Generate a controller and model specifically. The routes are automagically taken care of.

$ sails generate controller user
$ sails generate model User name:string email:string type:string id:int

Generate controller and model as an api
$ sails generate api vendor

$ sails lift

Now the in-memory default ORM kick in and sets up the user and vendor model.

Will try to grow more on the sailsjs framework so that I can really make sue of something here. Lets hope I can convert this in some of my planned work.


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