Agilefant for your Agile ways

What is Agilefant?

Agilefant is a lean transformation tool that empowers your organization to execute change faster.

Setup on AWS EC2 & RDS(Mysql) Service instance

Referenced from the guide at

MySql RDS service with the following credentials.

mysql -h -u agilefant -p'agilefant123' agilefant


1.) Use this guide to setup tomcat server

Tomcat setup and deployment

2.) Setup the Database

Connect to your database

create database agilefant;
grant all on agilefant.* to agilefant@'%' identified by 'agilefant123';


3.) Configure the DB connection in Agilefant

Edit /WEB-INF/agilefant.conf in the agilefant.war package as

database {
 jndi-name = "jdbc/agilefant"
 driver-class = "com.mysql.jdbc.Driver"
 username = "agilefant"
 password = "agilefant123"
 url = "jdbc:mysql://"


4.) Start the server and verify the app
N.B.! The username is admin and the password is secret.





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